Our consulting team is therefore involved in most client engagements. We have a long track record of success helping clients improve their project management maturity, establishing consistent, practical project methodology and establishing PMO functions.

    We typically provide a blended approach of consulting & training and, if appropriate, technology to support your goal of improved project performance. This is our deployment approach to help you develop a custom practical, fit-for-purpose project methodology for your organisation.

    We can also offer Agile Scrum Project Management Framework. Our agile approach help organizations develop a foundation of Scrum best practices and grow the internal expertise needed to become a true learning organization. By consulting leadership teams on how Scrum can deliver twice the work in half the time and coaching product teams to implement hyper-productive patterns, we help companies around the globe transform their world of work.

    In the agile Scrum world, instead of providing complete, detailed descriptions of how everything is to be done on a project, much of it is left up to the Scrum software development team. This is because the team will know best how to solve the problem they are presented.

    Scrum relies on a self-organizing, cross-functional team. The scrum team is self-organizing in that there is no overall team leader who decides which person will do which task or how a problem will be solved. Those are issues that are decided by the team as a whole.

    And in Scrum, a team is cross functional, meaning everyone is needed to take a feature from idea to implementation.

    Within agile development, Scrum teams are supported by two specific roles. The first is a ScrumMaster, who can be thought of as a coach for the team, helping team members use the Scrum process to perform at the highest level.

    The product owner (PO) is the other role, and in Scrum software development, represents the business, customers or users, and guides the team toward building the right product.